Which version of spin is compatible with camunda v7.11

I’m using camunda v7.11, to add spin plugin we need to use the below BOM, but not sure which version need to be substituted in this ${version.spin}.

Is there any compatibility matrix available for camunda version vs camunda spin plugins?


Hey @aravindhrs,

If you import the Camunda BOM for 7.11, it will transitively pull in the Spin BOM for the correct version. So no need to declare the Spin BOM dependency explicitly.


@thorben I have added Camunda BOM, earlier it was working, But today when i do gradle refresh i got the below errors after adding the camunda connectors dependencies:

camunda BOM: mavenBom 'org.camunda.bpm:camunda-bom:7.11.0'

Err msg when i do gradle refresh dependencies:

Could not resolve: org.camunda.spin:camunda-spin-core:
Could not resolve: org.camunda.spin:camunda-spin-dataformat-all:
Could not resolve: org.camunda.bpm:camunda-engine-plugin-spin:
Could not resolve: org.camunda.template-engines:camunda-template-engines-freemarker:
Could not resolve: org.camunda.bpm:camunda-engine-plugin-connect:
Could not resolve: org.camunda.connect:camunda-connect-core:
Could not resolve: org.camunda.connect:camunda-connect-connectors-all:

Seems like i have to explicitly add the version for every dependencies.

I’m afraid I’m not a Gradle expert. If you can share a minimal example project, I can give it a try though.

In Gradle, adding BOM is not working properly, need to explicitly add the versions in build.gradle file. Its working fine now :slight_smile:

Thanks @thorben