Whitelabel Error Page

I did everything exactly as it’s shown here:
but when I try to connect to http://localhost:8080/camunda I get this error:
What should I do?

Is there any error in the log?

Also, try connect only to http://localhost:8080


Where can I check the log?

What @Yana Suggested should do the trick.

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This works! But why?

Camunda Run doesn’t map the web application to /camunda

Maybe some annotation should be added to the video then, so no one gets confused with this anymore?

In the video i say that you should go to localhost:8080 the rest of the URL is generated from that.
But i’m happy to add it to the description at some point.

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@Niall @Yana Thank you guys for your help!

i got this error and i used http://localhost:8080/camunda/app/welcome/default/#!/login but where i shoud get username and password?

The username and password by default is
demo / demo

thank you
i want to get api from camunda and i want to use cammunity vertion do you have video about it ? and how should i use data se like my sql in camunda ?