Why camunda cockpit not showing process on server restart?


I have started server with process version 2 and submitted around 50 process instances which running and some of them are completed. after sometime, I have restarted the server and found no process instance under verison 2 however i have found older process instances for version 1. wo where are my processes which I have submitted to version 2?

Need urgent help here.


Hi Amol,

can you please provide more details.

Do you use Cockpit and expect to see the process instances there?
Can you check the underlying database if the process instances exist?
Are the process instances still running or completed?

Note that you will see only running process instances in Cockpit (runtime view).

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Hi @Amol23,

could you verify that process instances of version 2 are present in history tables in your database? You can read more about tables structure here https://docs.camunda.org/manual/7.5/user-guide/process-engine/database/. You can see the data in ACT_HI_Procinst.