Why demo user's and group's accounts can't be deleted from Admin?

Hi to all.

I would like to ask something for Camunda Admin.

Although, I have deleted all the demo user’s accounts and their respective groups from my Admin app, every time I log in with my default admin user account, all of these ones are still there. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Does anyone know why this happens?


Hi Steve,

Do you see some errors/exceptions in the server log file?
Try to delete them again and upload the latest log file.

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Hi @yana.vasileva,

My latest server log file before the deletion of demo users and groups:
catalina.2018-04-19.log (21.0 KB)

My first server log file after the deletion of demo users and groups:
catalina.2018-04-19.log (117.0 KB)

I can’t see any error or exception in the log file.
The issue is that the deleted demo users and groups come back in Admin console after my logout from the app and only in case I decide to run again the start-camunda.batch file. By this I mean that they come back only when I run again the server.


It is possible that you still have the demo invoice process war file deployed to your container?
If you do - i’ll keep creating a demo user on startup. Delete the invoice example war file to fix the problem.


Hi @Niall.

Yes, you are right :slightly_smiling_face:
The solution was simply to delete the camunda-invoice folder from the webapps folder of my apache-tomcat server :wink:
Now, on server startup, demo users and groups are not displayed in my Admin console.

Thanks a lot for your and @yana.vasileva’s help,

Hi again @Niall.

I would like to ask you something additional about the demo users and groups.

As you can see in the left side of my following screenshot here, when I log in the Tasklist, their names and groups are still displayed although there aren’t in my Admin console after the deletion of camunda-invoice folder. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Do you know why this happens?


The first time you started up the server with the invoice process the filters you see where created. By deleting the project you simply prevent them from being re-created.

So you still need to delete the filters manually. An admin can do this from task list by editing the filter.,

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Yes, you 're right @Niall :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks again,