Why do we have pre/post EvaluationListeners on the DmnEngineConfiguration?

I am currently exploring the evaluationListeners I can subscribe on the DMN execution.

I can register pre- and post listeners:

public abstract DmnEngineConfiguration customPreDecisionTableEvaluationListeners(List<DmnDecisionTableEvaluationListener> var1);

    public abstract DmnEngineConfiguration customPostDecisionTableEvaluationListeners(List<DmnDecisionTableEvaluationListener> var1);

I did so and just log/debug when the DmnDecisionTableEvaluationListener#notify(DmnDecisionTableEvaluationEvent) is called during execution of a DRG.

From what I see, the events passed pre and post are identical …

Digging deeper into the DecisionTableEvaluationHandler I saw that listeners are notified via

 // notify listeners
    for (DmnDecisionTableEvaluationListener evaluationListener : evaluationListeners) {

// taken from

   * The list of decision table evaluation listeners of the configuration. Contains
   * the pre, default and post decision table evaluation listeners. Is set during
   * the build of an engine.
   * @return the list of decision table evaluation listeners
  public List<DmnDecisionTableEvaluationListener> getDecisionTableEvaluationListeners() {
    return decisionTableEvaluationListeners;

So effectivly, pre/post is ignored and everything I register is notified after the evaluation. Can you confirm?
This is a bug right? Why bother splitting pre/post when after all everything just ends up in one basket?

One more note here … in DecisionLiteralExpressionEvaluationHandler the listeners are not notified at all …