Why doesn't exit createnativequery.taskCandidateGroupIn() in historic taskinstacequery

I was trying to get completed tasks for list of groups. But historicservice doesn’t have the features to get result based on my condition. Is there any way overcome this?

Hi @yeshwanth_s
I think you might interested in looking closely on orQueries of Camunda Automation Platform 7.20.4 REST API. It might work for you with the taskInvolvedGroup parameter.

Hi @Alex_Voloshyn
I tried taskinvolvedgroups and taskHadCandidateGroup but this accepts String value but I have a list of group isld.
For example: GroupId = [“USA”,“USA2”,“USA3”]
I have to get single response which gives task completed for above group IDs.
Please suggest

When you say "I tried taskinvolvedgroups and taskHadCandidateGroup ", do you mean using orQueries approach that I suggested?