Why my process dose not appear in camunda tasklist

inside tasklist i pressed strat process to get my process as shown bellow

then pressed stat and shown message the process has been strated

but no process appear in left task bar !!
please help me .

Can you upload your process?

i just make test and deploy it in camunda cockpit …then when i want to use it in tasklist does not appear

none of the tasks are user tasks, so nothing is going to show up in tasklist.
You need to change the task type in the modeler and re-deploy.

witch user task in modeler …can you share picture !! sorry am new in camunda .

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thanks it works …
now how can i integrate this process with my web app (php app )and make it automation ?

Very big question
Query for the task - use REST
Then just complete it

thanks alot … i finished the steps of rest API and completed task as this steps in video (Tutorial: How to Use Camunda's Rest API (Video 4) - YouTube) . and stoped at final step on it as shown bellow

now whats the next step to can integrate my web application with the bpmn ?

Hi @sunds,
What do you mean by next step?

As @Niall said, REST API can be invoked from your PHP application and as examples of most common functions he mentioned REST API used to query for task(s) or to complete a specific task.

i see do you have any documentations or video talk about same request to follow it? because am new in this side .

Hi @sunds,

Below link may be of help to you


thanks i saw it before but i could not know how integrate form data of my web app with specific process in camunda ?
if u have any example with steps pleas share it .