Why there are no validations for illegal user task state changes

The lifecycle of a user task is defined in the document (Task Lifecycle). However, I noticed that some calls which change the state illegal can be done without any errors or warnings. For example, a “Delegated” user task can be changed to “Completed” by calling complete() method, and an “Unassigned” user task can be completed by the same way. May I know why there are no validations for these illegal state changes calls? Does it works as expected or just be a bug?

Hi @Tonny_Tc,

it works as expected.

The Camunda Tasklist implements the life cycle from the documentation on top of the API by restricting access to the buttons.

Many users need more freedom in their task handling, so the API is not this restrictive as the life cycle.

Hope this helps, Ingo

Thanks a lot for your kind reply.

I have not noticed that the document is listed in Tasklist under the Web Applications before.