Workbench Properties- Custom Utilization

{camunda : workbench}

HI, I need to add few properties related to userTask/serviceTask in workbench and these properties can be editable.
When we select any BPMN model to render the properties, workbench only show general properties. To use other properties, I have extend bpmn-properties-panel from git and property panel has integrated successfully.

Firstly, Can anyone help how can I control to render only extension elements or custom properties in the workbench.

Secondly, Can it be possible we can set process variable in UserTask and fetch the same processVariable name in workbench properties.

Hi @Karandeep_Singh,

The workbench is not actively developed, so we cannot really help you with that. If have bpmn-js-related questions that are independent of workbench (e.g. how can I hide properties in the property panel?), then the forums may be the right place.


Thanks Thorben.