Workflow is in-progress but getting response

I am facing one issue while executing, process flow not moving to complete but getting response… although I m completing the task but still it is in-progress only. Anyone having any idea why I’m facing this issue.

Hi @Debi_Boxi_US
Can you share the BPMN file?


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Hi @Alex_Voloshyn ,
Thanks for the reply. Please find the attached file and screenshots… Every Extended Sub Process we have a serviceTask to identify and hold the flow for next subprocess.
Through zeebeclinet we are completing the previous servicetask and moving to next subprocess by making autocomplete as TRUE.

But the problem is we are getting response thorough postman but flow is not completing in camunda operate.

As you see in the screenshot now the control is there in resultServiceTask but I am expecting to be in effortTask service…

Camunda Version: 8.3
Backend we are using ZeebeClient.
For your reference I m providing dummy BPMN file…

POC_Workflow.bpmn (27.5 KB)

  1. Do I understand correctly that you can complete the “productask” without issues?
  2. What is the difference between the “productask” and the “resultTask”?
  3. Do you have a job worker subscribed to the “uwPas_Activity_114hxxc” job type(resultTask)?

Generally speaking, a corresponding job is created when a service task is entered. The process instance stops and waits until the job is complete, so it looks like in the case of the “resultTask” task the job is not complete due to some reasons.
I would investigate that you satisfy configured conditions when you try to complete the job related to that task.

Hi @Alex_Voloshyn ,
To answer your about point
[1] is correct
[2] all the service task are same there is not difference.
[3] yes

Please find the new screeshot where productTask, resultTask and effortTask is completing the flow but here the catch is, it is taking around 1hr although we receive the response immediately through postman.


So it sounds like the task completion works but with an hour delay, correct?
In other words, if you complete the task, and wait for one hour then a token will move to the next task without any additional actions?

Hi @Alex_Voloshyn
It is not exactly an hour it is happening async way without any additional actions. As per our requirement we need to show the flow as soon as we receive the response in postman.
is there any way to show the flow sync way using ZeebeClinet or any configuration in BPMN file.

I would like to check if the completion works as expected, but the state in Operate does not match the real state. I might be able to help you narrow down the issue.

Remember that there is a delay between the Zeebe Gateway and Operate/Tasklist as the data has to go through the exporter.
The Postman call will return as soon as the API call completes, even if the data is not yet back into Operate or Tasklist. As such, I don’t think that there’s a way to keep a 100% sync between what your Service Task gets as what’s available in Operate / Tasklist, if that’s what you’re asking.

There’s a number of threads on the forum about delay between starting a process and user tasks showing in Tasklist, which demonstrate the issue as I’m understanding what you’re asking.

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