Workflow UI but without Human Centric Task

Hi All,

I am new to Camunda … I have existing application which was deployed to one of the famous workflow engine… I am trying to develop POC in Camunda to migrate the existing one. Is it possible to create workflows without human task oriented in Camunda. I hope anybody can help me with this.


Sure - you can use service tasks for example. But it depends on exactly what functionality you expect.

Hi Niall,

Thanks for the response.
Actually I have created workflow which includes user tasks & service tasks. It is working fine as of now. I have attached image.
What I am want is, all user tasks which I developed should behave like page redirect User Interface without task logic.
I don’t want user to login & access the task list.
Any one person should able to complete the entire flow without tasklist page between it.

Now in Start task I used JSF forms , the instance will get created & in callbackurl the tasklist page will open. Is it possible to redirect from start task > user task > user task … executing the service tasks between them. I want my workflow should behave like normal webapp without task management.
I may sound silly please correct me if I m wrong. Is it right to use Camunda for my application.
Right now it is on other workflow engine I thought Camunda will help me.

I want pageflows in the process workflow.

SagopanewProcess.bpmn (16.3 KB)