Working with git features branches and bpmns: how to deal with merge conflicts

I am working with a small team of developpers implementing process in a telco environment.
We have currently around 200 bpmns in the process engine, and we use a git workflow where we develop in feature branches, and merge the feature branch in the master after testing and code review.

More than often it happens than when mergingthe feature branch in master, the bpmns have changed in master and in the feature branch, and we end up with merge conflicts.
It is doable to resolve merge conflicts with Java code, however with a bpmn it’s much harder, as moving a bpmn activity on a lane is enough to trigger multiple xml changes.

Wondering now how do you guys deal with these kind of problem ? Do you have a "trunk based developement " ( ?

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If you are a small team of developers I’d suggest to avoid such problems by talking to each other, e.g. synchronizing off git. I know no better way.

@EmmanuelKasper you can try saas collaboration tool cawemo for versioning/milestones of bpmn. It will maintain the versioning of every commit to the repository.


And you can play around in here: cawemo cloud