WSDL <-> Camunda

Hi Community,

Currently I am exploring a possibilities to make and receive calls form a webservice using WSDL/SOAP

from what I have found making calls should be quite OK, but what I cant find very well documented is how to make something like a message listener for such calls.

Some interesting comments to this topic I have found
thorben here basically wrote I should write it by myself

What I have found is that it should be possible to start a process by SOAP CXF

Thx for any advice


Hi @Michal_S,

What you have found is pretty much up-to-date on this topic, i.e. you’ll have to implement the endpoint yourself and then use the Java API. The example can serve as a starting point. Do you have a specific question on this topic?


Hi Throben,
thank you for the answer.
I have only two things on my mind:

  1. wishful request to implement standardized SOAP endpoint :smile: to the next version of Camunda
  2. and a question, will try to solve cases like this?



I’m sorry, this is very unlikely. If you like, you can start a community extension with visibility in the Camunda organization. See the following link for some details:

The final feature set of Zeebe is far from defined. However, due to the low demand for SOAP APIs these days, I doubt it will have one out of the box.

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