XML as Input for the Decision Table

How can I automate an XML file as my input variable for a decision table without typing in every input manually?

Hi @Haminou_M,

what do you want to achieve?
Do you want to use a XML variable in an input expression?
Or do you want to test your decision table wich data which is stored in a XML?

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my goal is to use the XML variable as input expression.

Hi @Haminou_M,

you can use Camunda Spin to read the XML variable.

Does this help you?
Can you provide an example?

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This is indeed a good starting point. Thank you !


I’m a novice in DMN field and I would like to go back to this topic with the following use case : I need to apply controls on an XML input. For example, check that a block is not empty or missing when some other XML element elsewhere in the document has a determined value.

Ideally, I would like to define all these rules in a DRD using a DMN modeler.

OMG DMN specs v1.3 in section 10.3.3 explains XML Data input mapping into a FEEL context.

Furthermore, the Camunda documentation provides some details about how the mapping is done thanks to the FEEL Engine Spin integration. But the provided exemple is a programmatic one.

Does anyone know if there is a free DMN modeler supporting XML input and automatically realizing a mapping in order to generate the corresponding DRD decision context element ?

This would - of course - spare the end user the need to do it manually.

Alternatively, is there a way to convert the XML file into the corresponding FEEL notation ? For exemple, a tool based on the Spin component. The resulting DMN file could then be loaded in the modeler as a starting point for the end user.

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