Yaml <-> xml/bpmn

Awesome project; thank you all for the hard work.

Would be nice if the various BPMN flow show both the XML and YAML format.

Are there way to model a BPMN flow in GUI modeler and save it in YAML format?

I am new to BPMN so using the GUI modeler is fine but eventually would like to generate the flow automatically.

Just preferred to work in YAML over XML.


Hi David, welcome! And thanks for the question.

At this point, Zeebe YAML is just a DSL that we transform to XML, but we don’t support XML to YAML.

If you’re comfortable with using Groovy / Java to create workflows programmatically, the Zeebe Model API would be an alternative. Unfortunately, we don’t have much (if anything) about this in the docs yet, but it’s very similar to and inspired by the Camunda BPM Model API: https://docs.camunda.org/javadoc/camunda-bpm-platform/7.10/?org/camunda/bpm/model/bpmn/instance/package-summary.html

Edit: There is this javadoc, but note that it still shows much more BPMN functionality than Zeebe’s supported BPMN feature set because it’s basically a fork of the Camunda BPM model API.

I’ll see if I can find anything more detailed about the Zeebe Model API that you could refer to until we’ve properly documented this, and whatever I come across, I’ll post in this thread.

Please keep us posted with any other questions.


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Thank you Mike for the great information!

As a fun side project: pie in the sky, not likely to get very far due to lack of time
Trying to automagically mapping existing micro service flow into BPMN with various sources: tcpdump/source code/firebug/docker compose file and etc.

In all case; I am very excited about the potential of zeebe.


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