Zebee with a rest api

Hi everyone,

I am trying to test a function that will,in theory, take a list from POST, write to a file and then save it to a ftp folder.

I have the following information about the api,

endpoint: “https://link” – dummy link
type: post
params: { “file”:“myfile.txt”, “bucket”:“test-documents”, “data”: “my data” }

Can anyone point to me to a resource on how to do this via workflows ?

With Thanks

Hi @Bisoux, choose your client programming language in the Getting Started Guides here: https://docs.cloud.camunda.io/docs/welcome.html


Thank you @jwulf but i will not be deploying any workers or develop something new. The developer has passed on the three inputs i.e. endpoint,type & parameters and i will be using a http worker that already exists. I hope that makes sense.

Have a look at those Getting Started Guides, and I recommend doing one - so that you understand how to accomplish this with Zeebe. Then you can map what you learn about how to do it with Zeebe onto your specific situation.

It takes about 1 hour to do a Getting Started tutorial in any one of the languages, assuming your machine is already set up to code in that language.