Zeebe and Connectors require Identity. What happens to the License then?

Hello community,
since 8.2.x Zeebe seem to require Identity (I’ve read it was for the authentication of gRPC calls).
The same happened to Connectors.

What happens then to the License if we now have to include Identity ?
Is it still possible to use Zeebe in Production (without giving the possibility to customers to create/modify/deploy BPMN processes) ?

Hi @mfmanca - Zeebe does not require Identity; you can run Zeebe without Identity.

Thank you for your quick reply.
So I probably misunderstood the information contained in this ticket…

@mfmanca - ah, I see the confusion. That is in reference to the identity-sdk package, which is a code dependency of Zeebe so that it can interact with Identity if enabled. That ticket is to make sure versions are kept in sync. However, installing and running Identity is not required.