Zeebe and distributed tracing


does it make sense to implement support for the W3 trace context specification directly into Zeebe? I know I could implement that with process variables, but the question is, does it make sense that Zeebe implements that natively? I think having distributed tracing in a microservice architecture is crucial and with the W3 trace context specification there is a mechanism available which can support this in a transparent way.

Maybe something like https://opentelemetry.io/ can help?

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I have seen that there was also some discussion on GitHub: OpenTracing support · Issue #2932 · camunda-cloud/zeebe · GitHub

Hi @akkie! Distributed tracing is definitely something we’re eyeing, and something I hope we can implement this year or the next, depending on our capacity/roadmap. There are no short term plans as of yet, but I have no doubt it will eventually makes its way into Zeebe…just not in the near future (i.e. next quarter).


Hello there, as of today will there be a distributed tracing support available in Camunda 8?