Zeebe and Spring Boot Compatibility

Is there are a table (or any other resource) where we could see the version compatibility between Zeebe and Spring Boot ?

I was checking the Spring Boot Client for Zeebe and I want to use some other Spring Boot capabilities in that project where I have Zeebe, and I just wanted to check if you have that documented somewhere.

Something like this one you already have for Camunda 7:

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Hi @g.manzano :wave:

That’s a good idea! I don’t think this exists yet. @BerndRuecker probably knows best.

The latest release of spring-zeebe 8.1.13 works for me with spring boot start version 2.7.4.

3.0.x support is discussed here.

Thanks for the reply. I will keep a close eye on this for any update, and hopefully you get to have something like the table for C7.

Exactly Nicos answer - but I definitely like the idea of a compatibility table. I add this as one task within the Spring 3.x issue (until then 8.1.x is tied to Spring Boot 2.7x and Zeebe 8.1.x)

I quickly added this: spring-zeebe/README.md at master · camunda-community-hub/spring-zeebe · GitHub

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