Zeebe APIs Grpc API not available for AssignUserTaskCommand

We are currently exploring zeebe apis and I am using zeebe-client-java. I understand that we have both zeebe rest APIs and grpc apis.
What is the best way to go about using these? Should we prefer rest apis over grpc ones?
And another thing I wanted to check is that the java client provides grpc way for all commands like CompleteJobCommand, DeployResourceCommand etc, but for AssignUserTaskCommand it uses HTTP rest API. Why is it so? Is there a way to do it custom impl using grpc?

Hi @deepCamunda - there’s a couple things to consider here:

  1. The AssignUserTask API is only available in the REST API
  2. This is because the AssignUserTask feature is enabled in Zeebe by the new “Zeebe User Task” type introduced in 8.5
  3. The gRPC API is in the process of being replaced by a unified REST API, so you will begin to see a shift toward RESTful calls in the official clients during that migration

Thankyou @nathan.loading for clarification.
Then another doubt I have is, I read that interceptors are not currently applied to REST API calls in Zeebe. This functionality is not yet supported as of Zeebe version 8.5.0 (and potentially later versions). how can we enable interceptors before rest apis.

@deepCamunda - correct, REST interceptors are not yet supported. They are currently in development, though I don’t have a target release date yet.

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