Zeebe C# - easy process testing only for cowards? Not any more!

Thanks to Zeebe C# Client and extensions such as Bootstrap Accelerator for the Zeebe C# Client, we have been able to implement processes with Camunda 8 in the .NET world for some time now. But there was still a gap for me: how do I write integration tests for my processes with Xunit? In exactly the same simple way as I can in Java with Spring Boot, for example. To do this, I need a few assertions to check, for instance, whether my process has reached or completed a desired activity.

Now there is also a brand new C# Connector for the Zeebe Redis Exporter. What could this possibly be good for? Well, perhaps to receive process instance events in my Xunit test! Let’s just combine Testcontainers and Zeebe with Redis Exporter and voila, process tests in Xunit start to be fun.

Go to the Zeebe Client Accelerator Showcase for a complete sample.

Of course, this is still far off from a complete BpmAssert for C#. But a really great place to start, right?