Zeebe client Java usage error

Hello @BerndRuecker @jwulf I refer to this link GitHub - camunda-community-hub/zeebe-docker-compose: Zeebe with Operate Docker Compose configuration After deploying the composition of zeebe, I saw that the server’s version of zeebe is 1.1.0, but my Java client’s version of zeebe is:




The following error occurred during debugging:

Caused by: io.grpc.StatusRuntimeException: UNIMPLEMENTED: Method not found: gateway_ protocol.Gateway/CreateWorkflowInstance.

Do you have a zeebe client demo that matches server version 1.1.0? Thank you.

Hi Gaozhendong,
did you check the note in the readme file?
Important note: The docker compose configuration files here are deprecated. Please use the default docker compose file provided in the get started repository (https://github.com/camunda-cloud/camunda-cloud-get-started/blob/master/docker-compose.yaml) instead.
Maybe this can help you.

Hi Enrico:
Thank you for your reply, but this URL is 404 and there is no blob directory

Hi again,
I think the docker files in this repository are the most recent ones: GitHub - camunda/camunda-platform: Links to Camunda Platform 8 resources, releases, and local development config
They are also the ones linked in the documentation:
Docker | Camunda Platform 8 Docs

Ok, thank you for your patient response. Do you have any demos related to zeebe springboot?

You are using the wrong version of the client. You need to use a 1.x version of the client.

Between 0.26 and 1.0.0 CreateWorkflowInstance was renamed to CreateProcessInstance.


@Enrico , I saw on Camunda’s official website that it said: Non Production usage of Operate, Tasklist, Optimize. May I follow https://github.com/camunda-cloud/camunda-cloud-get-started/blob/master/docker-compose.yaml After downloading and deploying the Docker image inside, can it be used normally? Do I need authorization?