Zeebe fits with Mule API-led architecture?


I have just started a new assignment as an solution architect at a Dutch company. This company uses the API-led connectivity architecture of MuleSoft, in which API’s are layered in Experience API’s, Process API’s and System API’s. I was wondering what the relationship is between the Process API’s in this API layer and the orchestration of microservices (a process) done by Zeebe.

I do not know the scope yet of the Process API’s used at the company where I just started, but I was wondering if someone knows if it is possible to combine the API-led connectivity architecture with usage of Zeebe.

Thanks in advance,
Ron Deen

Hi @rdeen,

Here is a recent blog post that shows one pattern to use Zeebe with a REST API architecture: https://zeebe.io/blog/2019/12/cloudflare-slack/


@rdeen I am pretty sure that it can be integrated. In the past I worked with Mulesoft and their Process API (which is just an abstraction to interact with an orchestrator) so it will be just matter of implementing those interfaces for Zeebe. It sounds like a great fit for a community project, would you like to give it a go? I am happy to help …