Zeebe for short-lived concurrent processes?

I am trying to understand if Zeebe will fit my use case. I want to do something like scoring of a client, which should be fast and should finish in guaranteed time. For example, as part of scoring I would like to make requests to N services and for their response at most 2 seconds. I would then calculate the final score based on what I received. Here is a BPMN diagram of this:


Zeebe would allow for more complex flows with decision points (e.g. necessary to acquire additional info). It would also make these process definitions visual and configurable (versus coded).

However, I know that this is impossible with Camunda because of its job executor-based nature and problems with concurrent process modifications. Is Zeebe different? Can it help in my case?

Hi @Infeligo, thanks for the question. It sounds like the use case you described is supported by Zeebe, but to be sure, could you please send a bit more detail about the two problems you mentioned that wouldn’t make this possible with Camunda?