Zeebe integration into Dapr

Hello Zeebe community,

I would like to announce that with the upcoming version 1.2 of Dapr, there exists now a Zeebe binding which can be easily used to orchestrate workers based on Dapr microservices.

Dapr is an event-driven, portable runtime for building microservices on cloud and edge. Dapr is OpenSource and developed by Microsoft and the community.

Yesterday the new binding was mentioned in the Dapr community call: https://youtu.be/LSYyTL0nS8Y?t=895

The current edge version of dapr contains the client for Zeebe 0.2.6. The pull request which bumps the client to version 1.0 is on the way.

An example how a worker can be implemented in C# can be found here: GitHub - PlanBGmbH/zeebe-dapr-example: An example that allows to orchestrate Dapr microservices with the Zeebe process engine.



This is awesome Christian - thanks for letting us know. I need to give it a spin whenever I find some time…