Zeebe Message Correlation

i use Zeebe Message Correlation to update the step of my workflow.
This is perfectly explain here : Zeebe Message Correlation - Camunda using Message_name and Correlation_key.

But can it be associate with a bpmnProcessId ?
as i may have Receive_Task or Message_Intermediate_catch_Event with same Message_Name in another workflow running ?

Best regards

Hi @seb835

There is no correlation based on process Id.

The discrimination between process instances is on message name and the value of the correlation variable in the process variables. So the variable that is named in the correlation key in the BPMN model serves as the unique key.

Does this make sense?


Hi thanks for clarification,
it is the way it works, i will have to adapt, and probably i will add the bpmnProcessId as part of the correlation key to be sure to match the right running workflow.

As with different team using Zeebe, we may have the same Message_Name in different workflow.

Yes, it correlates on two things: a message name and a user-defined unique key in the payload.