Zeebe metrics monitoring using external prometheus

I am new in zeebe. I deployed a zeebe-cluster and zeebe-operate in kubernetes from the github repositories and I am trying to connect them with a prometheus that I have already deployed.
I have been reading the documentation and I saw that zeebe already generates metrics for prometheus on port 9600.

My question is when I configure the prometheus configmap, which service should I set as target.


When I check the services, I observe that there are 2 that are generated from the zeebe-cluster one called RELEASE-zeebe and another RELEASE-zeebe-gateway

When i did a “kubectl port-forward svc/xxxx” through port 9600 (localhost:9600/metrics) to the two services I see that they generate different metrics.

According to what I have understood from the documentation. The zeebe-gateway is a gateway to the zeebe-cluster brokers. I would suppose that I should put the gateway service. I’m not sure. Could someone guide me please