Zeebe partition scaling dynamically


I am testing a case of changing partitionCount=3 and clusterSize=3 -> partitionCount=4 and clusterSize=4. I do understand that stopping cluster and installing it with a new config would do the trick, but I would like to avoid downtime.

I have been trying to use “helm upgrade” to dynamically scale partition count and cluster size.

I can see that statefulset size increases but newly spawn pod gets stuck at bootstrap step 7 (cluster services).

Does anybody know if functionality to dynamically scale the cluster in size is feasible? If so some pointers on how to do it would be very appreciated.

No, it does not support dynamic cluster size scaling at the moment.

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Thanks @jwulf, do you have an idea if it is planned at some point?

It is not scheduled. So, no.

That doesn’t mean it won’t happen, that no-one wants it, that there aren’t people thinking about it. But you can see the issues in the GitHub. No-one is working on it right now and it is not on the quarterly roadmap.

If you mean: “Is there a vision for it?” Sure. But it is not planned in the sense of concrete outcomes with resources dedicated to them and an internal target to hit.