Zeebe Retry Interval


I am new to Zeebe and designing a simple work Flow in Java. I am using zeebe-broker-0.23.3.
and zeebe-simple-monitor-0.19.0. I have 2 tasks in my workflow. I have added an error event to task 1 and in the event of error, i want to retry Task 1 every 1 hour. The maximum number of times i want to retry need to configurable(either via Zeebe Simple Monitor or as a variable). Is this possible and how do i do this in BPMN modeller. I tried creating a timer event on error and the timer event is continuously retrying the task. Is there a way to stop the number of retry…

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Hi @karthik429,

Yes, put another task after the error event, and in that worker, decrement a retry counter in the variable payload. Then have a parallel gateway, and test the retry value, flow to the timer if there are more retries, and go to the alternate behaviour if there are not.

It’s a little clunky, but it is working around the fact that you cannot update the payload when you throw a business error.