Zeebe Simple Monitor connect with PostgreSQL

I was following this github (GitHub - camunda-community-hub/zeebe-simple-monitor: A monitoring application to show insides of Zeebe for developers) try to persistence the Zeebe simple monitor data to PostgreSQL.

Currently I am stuck at
" * add the database driver JAR to the classpath

  • using docker, the JAR should be mounted to the /app/libs/ folder (e.g. /app/libs/postgresql-42.2.12.jar)"

I don’t see any app/libs folder that come with the zeebe-simple-monitor.
I already change the configuration of the application.yaml inside the resource folder.
Also tried to add the dependency of the postgreSQL version I’m using to pom.xml (postgreSQL 9.5.24).

Any one has done this or has experience with this, please feel free to share.

Check zeebe-docker/docker-compose.yml at main · MaximMonin/zeebe-docker · GitHub

I want to run manually, not with Docker

If you want to build your own JAR of the simple monitor then it should be enough to add the PostgreSQL driver as a dependency. While building the JAR, it should bundle add dependencies.

Please share more details (e.g. logs, pom.xml, etc.) if it doesn’t work.

Is there a recommended version of PostgreSQL to use for latest zeebe 1.0 ?

No recommendations. Just use the latest version. I’m not aware of any issues with a specific version.