Zeebe simple monitor resolve incident option


There are situations where I raise an incident on a particular task. For example if an API goes down and my workflow is at a task that needs to call that API endpoint, an exception is raised and that is recorded as an incident. This can be observed in the zeebe monitor incidents tab:


At the very top right hand corner of an incident, there is a resolve button. When the API comes back online, I hit the Resolve button. However, the incident is marked as resolved and the same incident as before is created as a new incident. It seems that it essentially never resolves/retries the issue.

I went to the jobs tab on zeebe monitor and saw this for that task that failed:

When I click on complete and give it a variable name and payload, I get this:

Any ideas what is the best way to get around this?

I think I figure it out. There is a subtle difference between setting job status to error vs setting it to failure in the exception handling function used for tasks.

from here: https://stage.docs.zeebe.io/bpmn-workflows/error-events/error-events.html

Also here (for python users, but the concept is independent of coding language):

from : https://pyzeebe.readthedocs.io/en/latest/worker_reference.html?highlight=error#pyzeebe.Job.set_failure_status

You will find that you can resolve the error when using failure status, but not when using error status.


Great find indeed!

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