@ZeebeSpringTest - Every time waitForIdleState is called time out is thrown

I use the similar test configuration as Bernd (@BerndRuecker) used in this test example (SpringBootTest + ZeebeSpringTest):

The problem is that every time waitForIdleState is called timeout exception is thrown
(it works the same for all duration I set).
I noticed that waitForIdleState call is commented out in the above test example. Is there any way how I can actually use this method with ZeebeSpringTest annotation.

p.s. ZeebeProcessTest annotation and waitForIdleState woks perfectly fine the problem is just with ZeebeSpringTest.

Hi @Jovan_Zoric ,

here you can find an example with @ZeebeSpringTest and zeebeTestEngine.waitForIdleState(Duration.ofSeconds(10));

Does this help?

Kind regards,

I created an issue here - as I also saw some problem in one of my test cases: @ZeebeSpringTest - Every time waitForIdleState is called time out is thrown · Issue #413 · camunda-community-hub/spring-zeebe · GitHub. I plan to look into this as soon as I can - but don’t want to promise anything for this week

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Unfortunately, no I run Twitter Example project and everything works out of the box i.e. wait for idle state works. I still try to find what is the problem in my case

Is it possible that Idle state is notified before service task (i.e. before task which does not wait for some input)?

In Java Doc it says:
The idle state callbacks are notified when the idle state has lasted PERIOD * NOTIFICATION_THRESHOLD ms
What that mean in practice?

I asked because I thought that I am on a good way to solve my problem but now, waitForIdleState is unpredictable (i.e. sometimes it works as expected, sometimes timeout exception is thrown and sometimes as I mentioned it fails before the execution of the service task which is really strange)