Zeeqs import from persistent store


As I understand, Zeeqs currently only imports zeebe data via an in-memory hazelcast importer, which could cause data loss, in case it crashes.
I’d like to know if adding the capability to import zeebe data from a persistent store (instead of directly from an exporter) is being considered in the product roadmap.
I feel it would be a very valuable addition to the product, as currently there is no proper way to query about workflow state in a friendly and safe manner (no data loss).

Thank you

Hi @pedrompc,

First of all, please note that ZeeQS is a community project and not officially supported by Camunda.

There is an open issue for ZeeQS to target this problem: https://github.com/zeebe-io/zeeqs/issues/41
I don’t have much time to implement this soon. But I’m open to community contributions. There is a pending PR to support Kafka but it’s not final yet.

Best regards,

Hello @philipp.ossler,

I understand. Thank you and keep up the good work.