Assign tasks to users

Hello, I once assigned tasks in my process using their email addresses. However, the problem arises that a person who should not be working on this task can still take it on, even though they are not allowed to. Why is this happening? Additionally, I noticed that you cannot assign roles to users. Will this be fixed in the future?

Hello! There are several reasons that you may want another user to claim a different task. For instance, what if the user it was assigned to is suddenly unavailable for a long period of time due to an emergency or accident? This is done by design, to make Tasklist compatible with a wide variety of scenarios without a large amount of configuration and management overhead. This is also why we keep the Tasklist API open, so that you can build your own Tasklist implementation while still utilizing all the other services that Camunda offers.

“Roles” has a lot of different meanings and I’m not clear what you’re asking. Can you share a bit more about what you mean by “assign roles to users”? You can assign roles for application permissions, but I assume you are talking about something related to Tasklist and task assignment?

Yes, by roles, I mean, for example, that the user assumes the role of department head. In BPMN, the lanes represent the roles of the users. So, am I understanding correctly that any user who has access to the process can take on any task, even though the task has been assigned to a specific user?

Yes, you are correct; assigning a task does not prevent the task from being reassigned or claimed.

A question will resolve the issue of not taking the task even if it has been assigned to you.

Can I solve the problem in Camunda so that only the user should complete the task, and no one else?

This is not a feature that Tasklist currently supports. It is supported by our API’s, just not the Tasklist application, so you can build your own Tasklist implementation to achieve this.

Can you show me the documentation where it says that? So, am I understanding correctly that this can only be solved with programming?

I cannot, because it’s not mentioned in the documentation. We do not list unsupported features in the documentation. If it was a supported feature then it would be found in the documentation.

And yes, in order to accomplish what you are asking about, you will need to build a custom Tasklist implementation using the Tasklist API. Here is an example of a custom Tasklist implementation: GitHub - camunda-community-hub/zeebe-simple-tasklist: Zeebe worker to manage manual/user tasks

Thank you so much