BPMN Modeling doubt

Hello guys I design a process example, I Don´t know If this is well designed in the collaboration??

Hello my friend!

When looking at your process as a whole, the modeling seems almost correct to me… perhaps missing the addition of a Send Task in Department B.

  • A certain process is initiated in Department A, and then a message is triggered to inform another process of this.

  • This other process will likely perform some tasks that are unknown in the context of BPM, and at some point, this other process sends a message to Department B.

  • Department B, upon receiving the message from the other process, should have some way to inform Department C, and this could also be done through a Send Task.

I hope this helps!

William Robert Alves

This looks really good to me, other than missing an End.

If this were being done for automation, I would leave Department B out of this all together - the BPM Engine can receive the message and send the task to Department C.

If this is a process that is being done outside an automation, then Department B is playing the role of the Workflow Coordinator, and this process makes sense.


for the purpose of a strategic process model, this already looks quite good!
A strategic process model is meant to display a complex process with 10 or fewer BPMN elements. It also relies on pools and lanes to display responsibilities, well done! It does not have to by semantically correct, thus, it can contain aspects that can not be automated. E.g., in your use case, it is not completely clear how department c knows when to start “Task c”. But this might be okay for a strategic process model, for example, if it is clear to your audience without further explanation.

For an operation process model (meant to be automated), this detail would need to be clarified. For operational models, it is not recommended to lanes. If you have a process that plays “ping-pong” between two departments and you want to display this in a single pool, that might be okay. In general, when working on these detailed operational process models, the departments get their own pools which helps describe their start and end events. (E.g., what exactly is the start event for department c? A message start event?).

From an aesthetical perspective, I did some adjustments to your process, see image.

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