Call process based on DMN decision rule

I want to call a process based on a particular decision from the DMN table.
How can we achieve this?

@Mass_Shake you can model a business rule task to make decision on which process need to be invoked before calling the required process from call activity.

Lets say in below example, loanType=“Personal Loan” and customerType=“New” then condition will be evaluated and the resultVariable selectedProcess=“PLNEW” (which is process definitionkey of the bpmn will be invoked)

Refer the attached dmn & bpmn file for reference.
PLNEW.bpmn (2.4 KB) processdecision.dmn (2.4 KB) processSelection.bpmn (3.4 KB)

Call the dmn using decision key of the dmn Decision Ref=“processDecision” from the business rule task. DMN result variable is stored in the variable “selectedProcess”.

Result Variable selectedProcess=“PLNEW” of dmn should map to the process definition key(“PLNEW”) of the bpmn need to be called.

To invoke the selected process from dmn, configure the variable in the calledElement property in the Call activity ${selectedProcess}"

For below process, the ProcessDefinitionKey is "PLNEW"



Thanks @aravindhrs.
I was able to set this up.