Camunda 7 Community edition End Of Life

As per the announcement on Camunda portal, it is mentioned that :

  1. Camunda 7 Community edition will be EOL in 2030
  2. Camunda 7 will get minor releases until October 2025
  3. Camunda full support will be until Apr 2027
  4. Security Patches and release support until April 2030

So I wanted to understand what it means for the projects which are developed on Camunda Community edition 7?
Is there another new version of Camunda community edition to which the projects can be upgraded to?
What happens if there are other critical vulnerabilities found in the system after Apr 2027 (apart from Security)?
Gaurav Mahajan

hi Gaurav! Great questions. As Camunda 7 Community Edition is fully open source, the project will still exist and can be used. Security releases and critical vulnerabilities will be patched until April 2030. We’re still deciding whether those patches will be released as a bundle in a regular cadence.

re: any projects developed on Camunda 7, the ideal option is to move to Camunda 8 SaaS or Self-Managed. If you’re unable to do so, I’d like to understand more about your scenario and use case to help our product management teams make an informed decision about a path forward.

We’re running a survey right now for folks who are still using Camunda 7 Community Edition. If you wouldn’t mind, I’d love for you to fill that out so we can take your feedback into account with the rest of what we’re collecting.

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