Camunda 8 Self Hosted Rest Connector

I am quite new to camunda and using the self hosted version of camunda 8 platofrm. Given that there is no support of connectors in desktop modeler yet, I designed my BPMN in camunda SaaS with rest connector. I deployed it and ran it in SaaS and everything works fine.

I uploaded the same BPMN to my self hosted camunda and started the process. My process is stuck on the Rest task (like its some sort of manual task).

Rest task should have been executed automatically (just like it did in the SaaS version)

Process is stuck at the REST task like its waiting for some input/action.

I tried to dig a lot, but couldn’t find any documentation for using REST connector for self hosted camunda 8. Can someone please provide me more information on what am I doing wrong?


Hi Amit, and welcome to the fourm!

Have a peek at this post

The big takeaways:

  1. When using connectors on Self-Hosted, you must also start the Connector worker functions
  2. You must load the Templates to get the Rest Connector in the modeler.

I’m sure that elsewhere on the forum all the steps needed to install the templates and configure the workers can be found.

Thanks @GotnOGuts for the quick reply. I will try the suggestion and revert back if I face any issues.

Just wanted to share the update here. After making the changes suggested by @GotnOGuts I was able to execute the REST taks.