Camunda 8 user task

I want to get the details of active user task whenever it is created. So,
i have registered a job worker to subscribe to user task by specifying job type as “io.camunda.zeebe:userTask”.

Code snippet:
zeebeClient.newWorker().jobType(“io.camunda.zeebe:userTask”).handler(new UserTaskHandler())

For service task, we have default retries as 3. So, the service task job worker is called 3 times incase if job is not completed.
Similarly, for User task the job worker is called 3 times, if it is not completed by Usertask job worker or it is called only once if the active user task is created?

Hi @Manian_Manoharan :wave:

Currently, user tasks are service tasks in disguise. They behave exactly the same. User tasks have their number of retries set to 1.

The retry mechanism comes from the job timeout. Timeouts do not lower the number of retries. Only Failing a Job and explicitly Updating the number of retries changes the number of retries.

Hope this helps :bowing_man:

Hi @korthout ,
Please correct me if i am wrong.
User task default retries is 1
Service task default reties is 3.

Service task default reties is 3 (can be specified from modeler)
Currently, user task starting retries is 1 (cannot be changed from modeler).