Camunda Platform REST API - a REST API for Camunda Platform 8

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I’m excited to share my latest project with you :tada:

:mega: Public Beta: I’m looking for feedback. If you like the project, please consider starring it on GitHub, or let me know in a comment below.

I’ve labeled some issues where I’m specifically looking for your feedback. I’m also very interested in what you generally want to see added or changed. You can share any feedback here or by opening an issue on GitHub.

Please note that this project is incubating - While it is ready to be used, it does not yet offer operations for all parts of Camunda Platform 8. Have a look at API to see what operations are already available. Let me know what operations you’d like to see next.


I’m happy to share that with Camunda Platform REST API 0.2.0 you can now connect to Operate and Retrieve the details of a process instance.

Please share any feedback :bowing_man:


Some users reported the following error when pulling the image:

$ docker pull
Error response from daemon: Head "":
 denied: denied

If you run into this, you need to logout of GHCR:

$ docker logout

$ docker pull
latest: Pulling from korthout/camunda-platform-rest-ap
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Incredible work :+1: