Camunda Spring boot REST with Tomcat example

Hi, I am new to Camunda. I would like to create a Spring boot application to expose Camunda REST API in Tomcat or Jetty, but I could not find an example in the for this. I’ve seen Spring boot examples, but none of them is for REST API, nor created as war file to be loaded by Tomcat or Jetty. I especially interested in seeing how to turn on basic authentication.

Can someone give me a pointer and I would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks, Joey

@carbon_60 spring boot application itself by default will have embedded tomcat server, then why do you want to deploy again in tomcat server?

I am just used to deploy applications like that, so I am looking for example of how to do that. Is that a supported deployment for Camunda REST API application?

Thanks, Joey

Refer this post:

Rest API: Rest Api Reference |

Thanks, I did read that section. I was looking for a more traditional way of deploying war file to Tomcat, but I will try that route first. Joey

Hi, I followed the example from document to build a spring boot application. It works as expected.

However, I tried to set DB connection to MSSQL in application.yaml file, the setting seems to be ignored. Here is the setting I added to application.yaml:

url: jdbc:sqlserver://;DatabaseName={camunda}

This setting seems to be ignored by the application. Is there anything else I need to do?

Any pointer would be greately appreciated!

Thanks, Joey

I did add the following dependency to pom.xml:


But that does not seem to make any difference

I am able to get the application to work by using file instead.

I add this paramertes in my pom.xml to Mysql


and in …/src/main/resources/application.yaml

  type: com.mysql.cj.jdbc.MysqlDataSource
  username: root
  password: ??????
  url: jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/process?useTimezone=true&serverTimezone=America/Sao_Paulo