Cannot add TRANSIENT entity with id

I am attempting to migrate from camunda version 7.12 to 7.14:
All the upgrade scripts are executed and the app launches fine.
But while i attempt to create a new process instance, I see this error.

Did a little search and found this. But looks like this was fixed long back in 7.12.

Why would i be getting this error in 7.14? Any guidance on what i could be missing please ?

ACT_GE_PROPERTY table has a row “next.dbid”. This id and the server id cache are not in sync. Any leads what could be done ?

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Hi @anoopmonish,

the Database ID generator is made only for tests and debugging purpose: Id Generators |

You should switch to the UUID-Generator: Id Generators |

Hope this helps, Ingo

Doesnt seem to work for test & debugging also. FYI. The moment i switch back to 7.12, it all works fine.
But, I need to get this working in 7.14.