Correlate message start event with local variables results in exception (Rest API)

Given this model:


And this Rest API call:

POST http://camunda/engine-rest/message
	"messageName": "_NewProcess_Correlate",
	"processVariablesLocal": {
		"id": {
			"value": 42,
			"type": "Integer"
	"resultEnabled": true

Results in this error:

    "type": "ProcessEngineException",
    "message": "ENGINE-03002 Cannot add TRANSIENT entity with id '2dd22d80-4cf8-11e9-afd9-0242ac110005' and type 'class org.camunda.bpm.engine.impl.persistence.entity.HistoricVariableInstanceEntity' into cache. An entity with the same id and type is already in state 'TRANSIENT'"

Two questions:

  • Is this a bug, and if so, where should I post it?
  • Local variables in the correlation of a start event are peculiar, because no input or output mapping can be done on message start events. What should this result in, and is it possible to get local variables in a message start event?

Also related to Throw signal with local variables (Rest API), where the same question is asked, but regarding signals.


Thanks for reporting this. I was able to reproduce it so I created a bug report for it.
Keep track of it here: