Cannot resolve an incident of type failedExternalTask

I’m trying to delete an incident of type external task using the rest api

and got the result “cannot resolve an incident of type failedExternalTask”

I also noticed a similar issue has been raised for failedJobs:

If we cannot resolve incidents of type failedExternalTask or failedJob, then which job types can be resolved ?

Ended up posting a different question and got a response which answer my question:

So ended up needing to get back the transition id using:


look for the the childTransitionInstances id

Then using that you can use:


with payload:

"skipCustomListeners": true,
"skipIoMappings": true,
"instructions": [
      "type": "cancel",
      "transitionInstanceId": "{{transitionid}}"

That essentially cancels the incident

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I am also running the same error. I would like know the reason and how to resolve the incident failure.

@pushpa Please check How to close a Failed Job Type Incident Manually? - #2 by sycawind