Connector HTTP throw BPMN error

hi community,
I am interested to throw an error in case REST get connector error (not accessible URL,etc…).
I havent find anything on this topic
only this

which is very nice, but not exactly what I am looking for.

Thanks for any advice.


@Michal_S please explain “what you are looking for” and why the example does not fit your need.

I am searching for camunda error handling implementation for HTTP connector.

Camunda inhouse Modeler / engine / BPMN implementation of case when for instance endpoint of REST API (connected throught Camunda Connector) would not be accesible (let say code 404).
The only implementation which come to my mind is via Java, perhaps javascript (which I am not fimiliar much with)

But I was more thinking about some Camunda implementation of this topic.

Thank you


So if the example in the medium link okay in terms of structure? It is just the Status Code of the HTTP request you want to catch with the error event?

yes for the begining this would be very helpful!

thank you

Everything you need is in the Javascript example. You just need to look at the docs for HTTP-connector and grab the proper variable:

Specifically the statusCode variable. This contains the http response code.

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thank you!

I have skipped somehow this one.


This thread is a bit old, but related to the issue I’m having. I’d like to model similar behavior, but when the HTTP connector fails entirely, without resulting in a response code. Specifically, I’m getting a “HTCL-02007 Unable to execute HTTP request” error, because the server is down.

I want to be able to catch and handle this, but I can’t seem to configure the Boundary Error Catch Event to pick up this error – it seems to be outside the bounds of the model execution, resulting in stack traces and a process ‘incident’.

Facing exactly the same issue…I’d like to catch technical errors in a service task (connection refused as an example) but it seems that the exception is thrown somewhere else…I’d try to get status code and response but they don’t exist in this context. I don’t want the error to be created as an incident because I need to manually rollback the previous transaction and kill the job process. What’s the best way to deal with this situation?

Have you guys looked at solutions such as:

It gives you the full ability to control the wrapping of the http connection.

This would work, but it’s not really any different than creating any other kind of delegate to make the service call. I was hoping there was an out-of-the-box way to handle this in the existing connectors. I’ll probably just refrain from using the connectors entirely and use an http client already in my libraries. Thanks!

The linked example is to provide a fluent api that can set and send a api call in “one line” in a script. The equivalent is to make it as simple as possible :slight_smile: in a script