Decision Table not working when Select form control with Multiple is used

I have a form with a Select form control where multiple items can be selected. On submission, I hope to use a Decision Table to look for the input data and return a boolean result.

This does not seem to work for me

Hello Luke,
In your example, the variable is not a list, but a String. And the string is “[handgun, shorten]”

In your DMN, you should test if this string contains “handgun”.

With the FEEL language, I don’t think you can test that

But with the JUEL language, you can do it

and you should be able to do
Note that you have to map the DMN column to the variable “firearmAttributes”

Could you try this:
1/ in the DMN table, move the expression language to Juel
2/ in your rule, add the expression firearmAttributes.matches(“handgun”)


For some reason I couldn’t get JUEL to work with standard Docker container’s version of Camunda. I did however got FEEL expression to do the trick. See screenshot attached.

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Hello Luke,
Could you share this DMN table? I would like to make some tests with it. You can share it on Dropbox/Google Drive…
Did you try to use the DMN simulator? Is your DMN works with the simulator?