Define Multiple Instance Task whith element variables

I need to pass multiple variables in the same collection, is it possible?


@Facundo_Rodriguez_La see: Pattern Review: DMN Looping for Array Input

Is your collection already a java collection? if yes, then you can add it into the “collection” property on your multi-instance using a expression ${myCollection}. Otherwise if it is say “json”, you can parse it using SPIN (see camunda docs), and then do ${myCollection.elements()} in the collection property of the multi-instance. Then use the ElementVariable property to define your variable name that should hold the objects. When you access the variables within the execution of the user task, it would be something like execution.getVariable('myObject').prop('name').value() (in the case of spin json, otherwise it would be regular java Map accessors),

Thanks for your quicky answer,

But, how i get every variable into object?

This is the json

This is my config Modeler

This is my cockpit

And, this is my item variable in the task

I need this…