DMN JSON Object Parsing + Single Object for All Inputs

Been working on some designs using DMN and JSON objects.

Has anyone in the community at @camunda thought about patterns where DMN can be used to evaluate a JSON object?

Some scenarios and examples I am exploring:

  1. a JSON object represents a Form submission (rather than each field being stored as a separate process or task variable), and then having DMN evaluate the submitted values.

  2. If you have a JSON object with all your data, would be great if there was a way to easily pass a single JSON object that would be auto applied to all inputs in the DMN. This would allow the DMN to be updated and the form to be updated without having to update the BPMN.

Any thoughts?

Edit: Another thought was about RegEx Data type? / the run rules that are RedEx to evaluate inputs ?

Hi Stephen,

you can use the Camunda Spin Api in the DMN table to handle a JSON variable.

See some related topics:

Does this help you?

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@Philipp_Ossler thanks for the context links.

Have you seen any usage cases where you wanted to have multiple Inputs but all supplied by a single object (such as json)?

Has there been any discussions about Regex support within rules?

Hi Stephen,

the DMN engine has no built-in support for regex but you can easily create it by your own. Use a bean or a custom function. See the related topic:

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just as a cross reference for anyone reading this in the future: