Drill down into Call Activity in Camunda Modeler

I am trying to determine how I can open a new process diagram from the call activity. Is it possible in the call activity to determine a new diagram that opens when the call activity is clicked? I see that if I choose a BPMN type for the call activity it gives me the option for entering a value for the called activity. I guess maybe what I am really asking is how do I reference another diagram to be called and can I open it in the modeller by clicking on the call activity box?

Garth Gerstein

It is not possible to navigate to the called process.

The underlying issue is that the call activity does not link a diagram resource but a process id. That information is only available at run-time.

We may add a notion of workspaces to the Camunda Modeler at some point. As part of that it could search the workspace for diagrams containing the linked processes (and navigate to these).



Is there any example available? for a process having complete “Call activity flow and configurations”, so that I could look into it and understand.


Please do not necrobump old threads but rather open a new topic with your question.

Checkout the Call Activity section in our BPMN reference to learn more about Call Activities and when they can be used.

Main issue with Camunda atm for me, I love modeler but navigating through models is such a burden that makes you want to switch to smth else instead. Just a simple file explorer on the left side would do a perfect job. Im trying to follow APQC standards and this makes navigating models even more painful.