How to model a call activity to an external diagram (.bpmn of course)

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I’m trying to do something very simple, I suppose:

  1. create a call acticity
  2. create a process as a separate bpmn file
  3. create a “link” from my call activity to the sub-process in my separate file

I read that entry about Process ID (

I’ve come this far:

My Question: Is that a correct global sub-process?
If not how can I reference a global sub-process in a separate file?

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To fully understand how this works i suggest either looking through this tutorial video: or reading through the Docs

While the the entire video is a roller-coaster of fun an excitement, you can skip to 15:45 to see the specifics about call activities.

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Thanks for the ride :slight_smile:

So if I understand this correctly:

  1. the reference is done by process-ID alone, which can be set manually, ok so far. As far as I see the modeller does not help to avoid (e.g. point them out or something) duplicate IDs. Might that be a feature request?
  2. Now I understand one answer I found while browsing the forum referencing a “Workspace addition” to camunda modeler. (Incorporation of Workspace). Is the answer (“not planned”) still valid?

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This isn’t and probably won’t be implemented in the desktop modeler. Mainly because this is a developer tool and so it only matters that a process can be found in runtime, not in design time. For instance if you wanted to call a process that is deployed to the engine but is not in your workspace this is possible.

But the good news is that it’s available in cawemo - our web modeler.
This specifically a design tool so it has collaboration and workspace oriented features that you might want to use.